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Confront the reality of violence in our midst with a variety of public
education forums focusing on assault prevention.

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Le Centre de prévention des agressions de Montréal, un organisme sans but lucratif et un organisme de charité enregistré, offre depuis 1984 une gamme d’ateliers sur la prévention des agressions conçus pour les groupes particulièrement vulnérables: enfants, adolescentEs, femmes de tous âges, personnes ayant une limitation fonctionnelle physique et/ou intellectuelle.

Tous nos programmes sont centrés sur le développement des capacités et des ressources pour aider les gens à faire face à des situations difficiles et dangereuses.

History of the centre

The MONTREAL ASSAULT PREVENTION CENTRE (MAPC) is a unique organization, born out of the merger, in the summer of 1988, of two community organizations that offered assault prevention programs for children and women in Montreal. These two organizations, CAP / ESPACE and ACTION, shared the same analysis of aggression which argues that three factors increase the vulnerability to aggression of certain groups: lack of information, dependence, and isolation.

The CAP program was introduced to Montreal from the United States in 1984 by Lisa Weintraub, a self-defense instructor for women, who was already offering the Wen-Do course. While remaining the main MAPC program for children, the Centre has developed additional resources for parents and children; Confidence, Solidarity and Respect for 5th and 6th grade students, a workshop for parents on positive discipline and a workshop on preventing assault for people with an intellectual disability. These programs were initiated based on needs recognized in the community.

The Action workshop was designed by Lise Weintraub and Leona Heillig from certain techniques of Wen DO combined with the philosophy of CAP / ESPACE. ACTION has evolved over the years based on an intersectional and anti-oppressive approach. This has allowed us to improve our workshops based on the diversity of experiences and differences of all women as well as the different power dynamics at play in the variety of situations we might face.

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Dr Jean-Yves Frappier (President)

Anne Caines (Vice-president)

Chantal Arsenault (Secretary-Treasurer)

Patricia Bossy

Maria Sol Terraza

David Singleton


Ana Mercedes Camacho

David Singleton

Beatriz Muñoz

Nadège Desmarais-Beaupré

Samantha-Lee Quinn

Sarah Boudreault


Beatriz Muñoz (ACTION Coordinator)

David Singleton (CAP Coordinator)


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Beatriz Muñoz

Leona Heillig

Béatrice Châteauvert-Gagnon

Miori Lacerte

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Beatriz Muñoz

David Singleton