Montreal Assault
Prevention Centre

Empowering children, women and other vulnerable groups
with tools to prevent harm and abuse.


The Montreal Assault Prevention Centre (MAPC) offers assault prevention workshops for children, through the Child Assault Prevention Program (CAP), women and adolescent girls, with the Action Self Defense program and people with an intellectual disability with the Assault Prevention Program for People with an Intellectual Disability. Our core programs have also been adapted for other vulnerable groups needing assault prevention information, for example: women in wheelchairs, parents, immigrants, refugees, and special needs women. Find out more about us here.

Our Programs

To decrease vulnerability and reduce number the of assaults

Action – Self Defense

Our ACTION self-defense course for women and teenage girls focuses on the most common types of assault women encounter: subtle as well as obvious forms of assault committed by known aggressors or by strangers.

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The Child Assault Prevention (CAP) project for children teaches that we all have the right to be safe, strong and free and that assault need not be part of everyday life.

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The MAPC offers assault prevention workshops for adolescents and adults with an intellectual disability.

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Disabled in Assault Prevention Program

Positive Discipline

Like the world-changers who support our organization, we are focused on making a long-term impact by helping kids living in poverty. We have a bold vision: graduating healthy, educated, empowered and employed young adults from our program.

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We need your help

To make a difference

Since 1984 more than 107,000 children and nearly 17,500 parents, caregivers, and educators have benefited from assault prevention tools provided by the Child Assault Prevention Program (CAP).


35,000 women and adolescent girls have taken an Action course. Women feel more confident and empowered after taking ACTION.


Our school team greatly appreciated the relevance of the CAP workshops and how they were adapted to the reality of our community. In addition, it was possible for us to follow up on certain more difficult situations experienced by some children.

Parents, caregivers and educators
Action course participants

Through support from people like you, our ACTION team has adapted the workshops to the different realities of women: Action DIVERSITY,  ACTION for women living with different mobility , visual and auditive situations and ACTION and domestic violence.

Women Tell Their Stories

We had a friend of mine with her son, who was about 12 at the time, over for dinner. And we’re at the dinner table at my house, and she said something and he sort of muttered something like, “No one wants to see your stupid face!” to his mother. She didn’t say anything. And I said, “Excuse me, you just really insulted my best friend, and that hurts my feelings when you insult someone like that at my table!” And he didn’t say anything for quite a while.

Judith, is a white, Jewish, anglophone in her fifties.

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Latest News

MAPC is back to work!

After several months of confinement, the staff of the Montreal Assault Prevention Centre are finally back in a safe and healthy work environment ! [...]

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